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SNACK CHAP by Marcos Cruz - Trick

SNACK CHAP by Marcos Cruz - Trick

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Marcos Cruz presents a fantastic effect with two Pringles tubes.

SNACK CHAP is not only easy to perform, but we also designed it to adapt to many situations: it is simple and convenient to use.

Imagine showing two empty tubes and then producing sponge balls, silks, etc. Then show the empty tubes again and VISUALLY close your act with the appearance of a bottle. IT IS FULLY VISUAL AND SURPRISING!

You can perform this amazing effect as soon as you open the package and perform it anywhere.

INCLUDES TWO ADDITIONAL ROUTINES (in the instructional video).

What you receive:
  • 2 Pringles tubes (red or green)
  • 1 bottle
  • Online instruction
Note: does not include sponges, silks
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