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Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Skymember Presents: Project Polaroid Add-On Kit (Pet lover)

Skymember Presents: Project Polaroid Add-On Kit (Pet lover)

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On 4 May 2019, we released "Project Polaroid," a phenomenal magic product that allows EVERYONE to manipulate printed photos in real life as they wish.

Since then, we have had so many people asking us the same question... where I can buy the pet transpo photo?

Wait no further, the journey of Project Polaroid has continued! Say hello to "Pet Lover."

In this add-on kit, you can perform a very fair yet highly visual transposition effect by using two printed photos. What you see is what you get. (Watch the demo!)

What you will receive:
  • One pre-made gimmick.
  • 30-minutes of detailed online instructions.

You can purchase Pet Lover as an extension pack for your Project Polaroid or as a STANDALONE effect. The original 2-hour Project Polaroid tutorial is not included with this purchase.

Commercial rights are reserved for Project Polaroid, including but not limited to TV and web shows. Please contact Skymember Presents for commercial inquiries.
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